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Ukrainian firm "Kolibri" offers a wide range of inflatable boats for fishing, sports and rest on water. Boats "Kolibri" is a combination of high-quality materials and skilled labour.


Inflatable rowing boats Kolibri


Advantage of our boats is its compactness, light weight in combination with greater carrying capacity, high speed, excellent flotation in rushy ponds. Design and enlarged diameter of pontoon provide good stability, excellent navigability both during operation on the rivers and open reservoirs.

Boats "Kolibri" are approved by the Register of Navigation of Ukraine and they are also under its technical supervision. All models are constructed according to ISO/D 6185 part 1,2,3 and they have quality certificates and sanitary-and-hygienic conclusions.


Range of "Kolibri" boats includes more than 20 models: class of rowing, motor flat-bottomed, motor-keel and combined boats. Wide model range will let you choose a boat corresponding to your needs.


Making inflatable boats for many years, firm "Kolibri" offers its customers warranty and non-warranty repair of the boats. Buying "Kolibri" boat you get three-years' guarantee for material and glued seams. Guarantee for accessories and parts is 1 year.


Firm "Kolibri" guarantees, that each new boat is of high quality and free from defects in the material, but only providing that sale is made by Dealer, authorised by "Kolibri" firm to make such sale. Guarantee is valid after putting down the date of sale and Dealer's stamp on the guarantee coupon.

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